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Rohit Khare
On leave of absence from UCI doctoral work. Worked for W3C's Technology & Society Domain and MCI. Currently CEO of KnowNow
Adam Rifkin
On leave of absence from Caltech doctoral work. Worked for Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Rome Air Force Labs. Currently CTO of KnowNow
Jim Whitehead
Professor at UC Santa Cruz. Worked as Chair of IETF WebDAV WG and Raytheon.
Dr. Ernest Prabhakar
Caltech Alumnus. Worked for Boston Consulting Group, now of Apple Computer.
Sally Khudairi
Marketing Consultant. Managed W3C's Promotion & Dissemination Domain, now of ZOT, Inc.
Robert Harley
INRIA Doctoral Student. Worked at Caltech on asynchronous logic and number theory.
Tim Byars
Image Consultant. Produced digital video, Web sites, and television series.
Dr. Gregory Bolcer
UCI Alumnus. Worked on process-centered workflow, now of Endeavors Technology, Inc.

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